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Tutorial Programming

Importance of Coding Standards

Programming Help for Beginners We write programs to instruct computers. When programming using a high level programming language like C++ or Java, we are using a syntax that is somewhat closer to human languages. However, we use these programs as inputs to either compilers or interpreters to be converted to …

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Plyometrics For Beginners

Today I want to cover the eccentric portion (landing) of a few plyometric jumps. And in case you did not know the eccentric contracting is the muscle spindle lengthening whereas the concentric contracting is the muscle spindle shortening. For example when performing a bicep curl when bringing the weight up …

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Choosing a Programming Language to Learn

What programming language do you want to learn? In theory, this seems like the simplest of questions you could pose to a computing student or programming enthusiast. In practice, however, this is a hard question that requires careful considerations before an answer can be arrived at! With hundreds of programming …

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