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Web Designing – Creative Websites

Web designing is the "art" or creating a visual or a layout for a web site / page. Web design is all about creating a good web site. There are different types of Website designing are: STATIC: The static website is the simplest way to showcase your product or business …

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Emergence of Web 2.0

The web has become more important than ever since the idea of ​​web as platform came with the emergence of "Web 2.0". The exciting new applications providing rich open social and social networking, mash-ups etc with surprising regularity have open new horizons for imagination and capabilities in expanding online village …

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PHP Web Development – Tips to Consider

Bringing your website online is not just about developing a website and making it live. It requires developing a robust and interactive website for drawing the attention of netizens and offering them useful information, service and products of their use. Aspects like company’s approach of handling and delivering solutions and …

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Web Programming Basics

Websites play a significant role in managing an online business and a well-made website can provide you with key to success in the virtual world. To build a perfect website web programmers play a critical role. Many people are quite unaware of the fact what web programming entails. The term …

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Which is a Better Web Programming Language?

There are several languages ​​that are used for internet programming and web designing, but there are two that are being used extensively and are considered to be very effective on all aspects – the.Net framework and PHP. It can be a little complicated when it comes to comparing or deciding …

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