Getting Ripped Fast For Beginners


Getting Ripped Fast For Beginners

This article has been made to present you the key ideas of getting big as a newbie, it’s certainly not good having the machines and products if you do not know the key points. If you desire to reach your maximum potential you are required to follow these basic rules.


The key to a solid nutrition plan is not under eating, a lot of guys that start off in getting ripped do not appear to know just how necessary a diet really is. For a beginner it’s really pretty easy, the primary goal of your nutrition plan is to eat 2800 calories of food a day. That’s the aim, It does not mean consuming in quantity with no quality at all, but it does mean reaching your intended calories with as little saturated fat as you can.

If shaking off fat is a key point of your goal body shape, consuming at a healthy 2800 calories to begin with, with enough protein that should lead you towards your target. Here are a few examples of meals you can eat: whole wheat pasta.

As a beginner a 300 calorie cream cake will not make a huge difference as opposed to a bit of pasta. At the end of the day your primary target is to reach the specified calorie amount. My current goal right now is to reach your specified calories with 150g (or as much as possible) protein per day.

Weight Lifting

I would not advise you to make your own workout program, it’s a mistake a lot of people seem to make when they are just starting. It’s the best option to use a premade beginner program, I recommend you search MSN for Rippetoe’s beginner program and read up about that, it’s the best beginner program around and it’s been the standard for 30 years.

The squat is probably the most fundamental exercises you can integrate into your time; the aim of this exercise is to provide all round power. The bench press will be the exercise that mainly focuses your upper body, particularly your chest, this is an excellent workout which will give you great results.

The deadlift is a workout which mainly targets your upper and lower back muscles. The key is not to perform this exercise every workout session otherwise your going to end up with an injury (which is extremely frustrating). If you are doing bench press then I highly recommend you jot down the bent over barbell row into your workout as this exercise is crucial for developing your chest, the primary focus of the exercise is to work on your lower chest and if this exercise isn ‘ t used then there will be a muscle imbalance with your chest.

Using these exercises with a structured approach will give you that ripped look you have always been looking for, it’s a guarantee. Make sure you do the squats 3 times a week performing 3 sets of 5 reps. With bench press make sure the first week you do it twice a week then the week after do it once again each time is 3 sets of 5 reps. This is the same for barbell row but make sure your not doing the barbell row the same day you do bench press. Now finally the deadlift you do this workout twice in one week then once in the second week. For each workout you only do 1 set of 5 reps and try and load as much as possible.

Additional Info

With a help from the get ripped fast products and information available, along with a disciplined diet and exercise I guarantee you that you will reach your personal goal. Trust me the progress your going to make will be enough motivation for you to get ripped, not only is it a benefit to your health but it provides an all round benefit from self-esteem and more energy.

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