Jelqing For Beginners – How to Get Started With Jelqing


The exercise known for increasing penis size is called jelqing. Obviously, many guys are interested in giving this exercise a try and seeing if they can not realize some big size gains from it. Jelqing for beginners should start with first looking at the options you have for starting up. Here's how to get started with jelqing for beginners:

1. Learning what jelqing is all about.

The basics of jelqing involve using your hands to repeatedly massage your penis. Lubrication should be used and the motors start at the base of the penis and finish at the head. Now this repeated exercising motion should take from around 6-20 minutes depending on what program you follow. You can learn more about the exercising by researching further. This gives you an idea whether or not you are willing and comfortable to perform the hand motions necessary for size gain.

2. Decide if you have the time and are willing to commit.

The key to jelqing for good size gains is time and commitment. If they are not willing to spend the time doing the exercises on a consistent basis, then you may as well not try it. The number one reason why jelqing for beginners is a failure and no size is achieved, is because they do not set out the time and commit to doing the exercises regularly. What does this mean specifically? Many programs require anywhere from 3-5 times a week, for at least 6-20 minutes a session.

3. Get a jelqing program.

Most all of the routines out there are specifically designed "jelqing for beginners" programs. Some people recommend that beginners try the exercises on their own for a while before getting a program. But why waste your time with weeks of trial and error when you could be following a proven routine (that was designed for beginners anyway) and start to see results as quickly as possible? That is another reason many people fail at getting bigger than jelqing. They try to do it on their own or discover a flimsy free routine and then get frustrated when results do not occur. Getting on a good and solid routine from the beginning is definitely the way to go to get started and see results.

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