Making Money With Blog Websites – For Beginners


Blogging has become a very popular way of making money, but how is it done?

Creating blogs has become ridiculously easy. With free software like WordPress, for example, anyone can now quickly and easily set up a blog either free, or choose to host it themselves for a few dollars. Another free blog system is, of course, Blogger from Google. No doubt there are hundreds of other free blogs services, but these two are among the giants of the free blog world.

Making money with blog websites is usually done using income streams that can be set up fairly quickly and easily. The first, and most profitable way of monetizing the blog, is to promote products and get a commission from any sales made. This is known as affiliate marketing, and there are literally thousands of affiliate products available to promote. The products can be digital information products, software, etc. or physical products.

Each affiliate program will provide the blogger with a simple piece of html code that just needs to be pasted into the blog. This creates a hyperlink to the products website. When a visitor to the blog clicks this link and purchases the product, the blog owner automatically gets paid a commission.

Another way of making money with blog websites is to place Google AdSense ads in them. A Google AdSense account is free, and is fairly simple to set up. If you do not know what Googe AdSense ads are, they are the small classified ads that you sometimes see on websites. The phrase 'ads by Google' appears beside them. If you have these ads on your blog, and a visitor clicks on one of them, Google will pay you.

Simple as that.

The challenge, once your blog is setup, is getting people to see the blog. If nobody visits the blog, then it's not going to make any money.

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