What Is the Best Programming Language to Use When Building Websites?


If you are going to be building a website you may want to know what the best programming language is to use. The answer is not really that easy to give. The type of programming language you use really will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Some programs are better to use than others and will better fulfill your needs. You should consider exactly what you are trying to do before going with a specific programming language. I will try to go through some of the basic languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are used in web programming which will hopefully make it a little easier for you to decide what to use. As always I am not a complete professional so do not get mad at me if you do not completely agree.

HTML is the first language I will talk about. HTML is a basic programming language that will allow you to display data to users. You can literally save text with no code in an HTML document and it will be readable by any web browser. HTML is pretty basic and supports general tags like body, html, table etc. This would be a good language to go with if you have little programming experience and would like to learn more.

CSS is another language that on its own does not do a whole lot but it can help you with your html. You can include a CSS file in your HTML web page and it will modify how your HTML looks. CSS stands for cascading style sheets. I basically tells your website how to look and where to put pictures. I also helps in formatting your forms and buttons or divs.

Javascript is a language that on its own works well but in web design is probably best served for making your page do cool things. Have you seen a website that has images floating around on the homepage? This is all done through javascript. Most ads on pages are also done through javascript. It is a terrific language and is best used when included for specific functions in a website.

The last language I will talk about is PHP. PHP is great simply because if you give more options. You can read and display data from databases and store cookies or other user data that makes browsing better. PHP also allows for RSS feeds and other parsing techniques that are not as easy to do in other languages.

No matter what language you use I would try all of these out in one way or another to see what you like the best. I prefer PHP but that is just me and a lot of people may not agree with me.

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